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TLM Academics was created with the intent to demystify the process behind applying to college with specific emphasis on providing insights pertaining to the Asian student population. For these students, feedback from parents who may not be as familiar with the American educational system can be a large hurdle in their academic career and the college application process. The mismatch between what these parents think schools want to see in their students versus what the schools actually look for creates deficiencies in planning which may limit children’s potential achievements.

Applying to college without understanding the process by which colleges select students is like going into battle with a strategy against the wrong enemy. Here are just a few of the pieces to plan for:

  • Standardized Testing Strategy

  • Application and Essay Review

  • Development of Extracurricular Activities

  • Interview Preparation

TLM Academics provides long-term individualized planning services to develop each student’s unique strengths and interests. The approach was created after observing the applicant selection process and identifying common characteristics among those students who gained admission at Harvard. By following their individual roadmap, a student can reach his or her maximum potential and create as strong a profile as possible when it comes time to apply to college.


TLM Academics offers different college admissions and academic counseling packages depending on your needs and the student's age range. 

College Admissions Services for Juniors and Seniors

TLM Academics’ college admissions consulting services help students differentiate their applications from the rest of the applicant pool. In addition to guiding students efficiently through the process, TLM Academics helps students discover the aspects of their profile which will make admissions officers fight for their place in the class.

Academic Counseling Services for Younger Students

The main goal of TLM Academics is to help students develop in a multifaceted manner. By starting early and identifying what each student is naturally curious and passionate about, high school can become a time of deep focus and achievement as opposed to checking things off a “to-do list” for getting into a good college. TLM Academics provides a roadmap which helps students bring out their unique potential so that when the time comes to apply to college, their profile clearly exhibits the traits all colleges look for in their students.

Hourly Consulting and Application Review

TLM Academics offers hourly consulting services which can be used to focus on specific areas of a student's application, such as essay editing or interview preparation. Also, TLM Academics offers application reviews to help identify potential points of improvement in a student's application.